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Basic Quran Reading

Learn to Read Quran From Basics like from Noorani Qaida, This Course Covers Alphabets and Tajweed Rules .

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Tajweed Course

Want to Make Tajweed Perfect? This Course helps to remove mistakes and makes Quran Reading a Pleasure .

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Quran Hifz Course

Want to Hifz Quran? Join Online Classes with us, Learn From Hafiz Teacher on Flexible Timings.

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Quran Tafseer Course

Understanding the Quran is of Vital Importance. Learn from Online Aalim and Understand the Message of ALLAH.

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Quranteachinglive.com is the online platform that helps you learn the Koran effectively and accurately. You do not have to join any expensive teaching center. There is a new and convenient way for you to learn and that is through online teaching.

With our professional services, you will be able to choose the appropriate time of online class sessions. According to your routine, you can join and set whatever time suits you best. We offer live Qur’an teaching lessons via Skype or other communicating software.

Our work has been in effect for quite some time now. Alhamdulillah, we have a vast experience in teaching Quran online which helps us guarantee that the tutors at our institute are sure to meet up to your expectations.

The best part of learning with us is that you can be comfortable at home and study as if you are taking regular classes. Our teaching network comprises of qualified tutors who have been in this field for long. They are well equipped with the knowledge of Qur’an and tajweed. Our success is due to the ease and satisfaction of those who have learned with us.

If you want to learn, regardless of your age or gender, you are welcome to take any course offered at quranteachinglive.com. For kids, we suggest you register them here since it will be easy for you to monitor their progress. Our teachers are very competent and skillful at handling young students. You will be amazed to know how many students we have at our online school. These enthusiastic individuals are not centralized but situated all across the globe.

Our services are offered at an international level and wherever you may be, you are eligible to register. All you need are the a few prerequisites that include: a desktop/laptop, headphone with mic and a good broadband internet connection. As for the learning software, it will be provided to you by your respective tutor.

At quranteachinglive.com, we offer some of the easiest ways to learn quran. We know what techniques need to be implemented to help students become fluent in their recitation and Arabic language skills as well.

As Muslims, it is our religious duty to recite the Holy Quraan in the correct way. That is the way taught by our Holy Prophet (PBUH). Although the term tajweed was coined many years after, the rules and their application are exactly the same as the methods used by the people during the time of Muhammad (PBUH).

Being a complete learning center for students, we also focus on developing the personal skills of our pupils. It is a critical responsibility for us to ensure that you are learning in a safe and friendly environment where you are also inclined to become better individuals.

Programs offered at “Learn Quran Online” include basic noorani qaida, Qur’an reading and tajweed, Quran Hifz, translation and teachings of Islam. Teachers that we have hired are all well known for their multi-lingual abilities and exquisite training. With individual attention, the students are able to learn in a comfortable atmosphere where they can easily obtain answers to as many questions on their minds.

People usually hire tutors for delivering Qur’an lessons to their kids. Of course, this is also a very good way to assist children in learning how to read. However, with live tutors and online sessions, the management of time becomes no hindrance in your learning process. Since the entire lesson is being carried out through communicating software, it will be just like the teacher and student are face to face.

Here is a list of potential benefits that you have when learning Qur’an through online classes:

  • One on one live tutorial sessions
  • No traveling to distant learning centers
  • Learning while staying home
  • Trained teachers, availability of female educators
  • Efficient learning but minimal fee

At international levels, research has been under progress. It has been found that parents feel more comfortable, secure and satisfied after placing their children in online educational programs. This is particularly because of the convenience offered by our proficient services. In lieu of enrolling kids into expensive courses at various institutes, parents find it more beneficial to register their young ones for online learning.

Courses Offered

Before you decide to learn with us, you need to have a good idea of what our online academy is offering for you. Listed below are the courses that have been put together by expert scholars.

  • Reading Qur’an/Noorani Qaida

This course is best suitable for those who are new to the basics of Arabic and Quran reading. It emphasizes on the sounds, pronunciation and formation of letters.

  • Quran Recitation and Tajweed

Once the student is acquainted with the basics of Qur’an reading, it is time to move forward and learn the concepts of tajweed. These are the rules according to which the Holy Koran is read accurately.

  • Quran Translation

For those who wish to learn the meaning of Allah’s Book and want to benefit from the knowledge contained within, the Quran translation course is very useful. It not only focuses on reading and translating but also offers detailed explanations for every verse. In this way, the student recognizes the literal as well as hidden meaning within each verse.

  • Quran Memorization

If you are keen to become a Hafiz, this course is just perfect for you. It helps you learn the different methods used for memorizing all the verses of the Koran, word for word. No doubt, the reward for memorizing the Qur’an is an immeasurable one. Once you begin this course, you will notice how quickly you grasp the techniques of putting the entire Quraan to memory.

Register at our online portal by visiting the Online Registration page. For questions and additional information, please contact at the email address or phone number mentioned below.

USA:  201 793 813
UK:    020 3290 9290