Basic Quran Reading Course


Have you ever felt the need to learn the basics of reading Qur’an? Do not worry about your age or professional routine. If you have the will to learn, you can achieve marvels in reading Koran through online classes. has been rendering online teaching services for some time now. We have brought together a handful of amazing teachers that are here to help bring out the perfect reading skills in you!

Basic Qaida/Quran Reading is meant for beginner level Arabic learners. Reading concepts in terms of the Holy Qur’an are very easy once you have a sound understanding of how to recite fluently. Our motive is to guide you with the tips and techniques that work in developing your accent for the correct recitation of the Divine Quraan.

This introductory layout includes a number of different topics that all focus on the sounds, pronunciation and formation of letters used in the text of the Quran. Vowels and the basic rules of lengthening, pause and silence are crucial when studying the essential principles of recitation. These are what collectively make up the exact meaning of the literature.

A slight difference in the sound of a letter that is used at a certain place could result in an alternate meaning, distinct from the actual verse. Despite this knowledge, there are still many people who read Qur’an without the required attention and tend to commit errors during recitation. Although unintentional, the errors must be avoided at all cost. Even though these mistakes are apparently small and seem unimportant, they are not negligible at all. In fact, it is a compulsion for every Muslim to be aware of the correct recitation rules so that the same mistakes are not repeated by other followers.

Online classes are a great way for kids and adults to learn the basics of Quran reading. There are numerous teaching academies that deliver lessons online but none can compete with the quality of service that has to offer. By the Grace of Allah, we have a perfect combination of experienced teachers and comprehensive courses that will cater to your educational needs.

Learning to read the Glorious Qur’aan in a correct manner means that we are able to convey the same perfection to those who learn from us. Therefore, it is necessary to aim for excellence in this particular field. What we learn today, others will benefit from tomorrow.

Register for the Basic Quran Reading Course today and become an excellent reciter of the Qur’an within a mere number of days.