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As literate individuals, our prime motive is to find the best source of education for our family. We work hard to give them the best of everything and this is particular when it comes to the selection of schools or tutors. Islamic Studies is a very vast subject that also requires a professional environment especially when you are learning from scratch. Here at, we are happy to offer you such an academic privilege.
You may have heard about online learning programs and various websites that are intended for acquiring knowledge without having to leave home. By the Grace of Allah, is an extraordinary place to start your journey of obtaining the best services for Qur’an learning and comprehension.
We are global educators and have been working with students from all over the world. A large number of precocious young individuals have taken online courses with us and excelled tremendously. Our satisfied customers are definitely the reason behind our success. Among other factors, it is also worth mentioning the proficient and systematic teaching system implemented at
Since the process of acquiring knowledge begins with the teacher, we have carefully selected highly certified and skilled professionals to guide our students. These are not your door-to-door Qaaris or traditional home-based tutors. They are well trained and competent teachers who have a vigorous experience in online teaching; with Islamic Education in particular.
Our Quran teachers are a blend of experts from different regions of the world and so language skills are not going to be an issue for you while you study with us. Each student is assigned to a personal tutor who then comes online for a class scheduled at a convenient time. We are here 24/7 and for your comfort, recommend you to choose the time of class that best suits you.
While studying online with one of our tutors, you will not require the purchase of textbooks or other material. Everything from the course outline to the content and even evaluation quizzes will be provided to you via email or directly from the communicating software.
Teaching services at are strongly focused on the following points:
 Multi-lingual tutors
 Female teachers for female students
 Round the clock availability
 Coverage of lessons that are missed due to genuine reasons
 Regular progress reports
 Thorough practice sessions
 Trial period with specific tutor, reassignment of tutor if needed
We welcome you to try our services via free trial. It will help you assess whether or not to take the course of choice. Our guarantee is that your wish to learn will be fulfilled within a minimal time range. Join now by clicking the Admissions link.