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    ::Start With Free Trial Classes Without Any Sort of Obligation
    ::7 Years of Online Quran Teaching Experience, 30+ Highly Qualified Teachers
    ::1 to 1 Learning Sessions. Live Quran Teachers Online, Class Duration is of 30 Minutes
    ::Interactive Method Gives a felling that Teacher and Student are Sitting next to Each Other
    ::Take The Quran Classes on Skype from Anywhere
    ::Classes For Basic Quran/Qaida, Tajweed, Hifz and Tafseer classes
    ::Male and Female Teachers Available to Teach 24/7 InshALLAH
    ::Specially Trained Teachers To Teach Kids from Age 4 and Above.
    ::No Age limit for Taking Quran Lessons

From Last 7 years we have taught thousands of students online from all corners of the world. In earlier times people were hesitant about how these classes will work, how effective is this method and who will be teaching from the other side. Alhamdulliah, our constant efforts have made people trust this method and now people are giving preference to online Qruan learning as compared to going some institute or sending their kids outside. Parents have full check how their kids and what they are learning. As they can hear the teacher and of course their children while taking the Quran lesson on Skype. Speedy internet has made our job persistent and effective.
There are different courses we offer From Basic Quran Reading to Quran Reading with Tajweed. Our advance level courses Quran Hifz Online and Quran Tafseer Online. Learning Quran Online provides the opportunity to get the full attention and time of the Qruan teacher, as all our classes are one to one.
Our Online Quran Tutors are highly qualified with excellent tajweed and teaching skills. Quran Teachers can teacher in English, Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi, Persian. We are a team of 35 people out of which 30 are Hafiz e Quran Teachers. All the Quran Tutors are given full training before handling over the students. The Teachers are %95 of time punctual and regular so you don’t miss any class, If for some reason the teacher is on leave, the substitute Quran Tutor will take the class. You will find our Quran Teaching staff is quite flexible and cooperating InshALLAH. We are the trend setters in Quran Teaching Online, Once we started this Quran Teaching Online programe, very few people were doing this. We have made it so wide spread now Muslims from all over the world are preferring to take the Quran lessons from Online Quran Tutor. There are lots of benefits thats why people are being attracted to it. Having a Quran Teacher at the time required by you was earlier almost impossible, but now with this online Quran learning, students can learn at their preferred time and days. Please try our Free trial Quran classes to start with