Quran Hifz Course


Quranteachinglive.com is the perfect solution for blended Islamic education; not only for you but for your family as well. Rendering services globally, we offer live tutoring classes regardless of where you are located. The process requires you to have an internet connection along with a computer and headset. Yes, that’s all you’ll be utilizing to pursue education on Qur’an, tajweed, Islam and Hadith.

As you may have read on our Home page, we provide the opportunity of studying from a selective range of courses. Although these are broadly categorized, they target the potential and aptitude of the student because our tutors know how to synchronize the course content with the students’ skills.

The group of teachers at our online quran institute is brimming with qualified tutors who possess specializations in different fields of knowledge. They all come from various cultural backgrounds but are united at one platform to offer their exceptional services for quranteachinglive.com.

Memorize Qur’an

An integral part of our learning program is the Memorize Quran course. We know that a number of Muslims and Muslimahs have an earnest desire to not only study but also put the Koran to memory. Keeping this in mind, we have been deploying our services to help passionate students gain enough practice and rhythm for memorizing the entire Quraan.

The course objective is quite clear and straightforward. However, we would like for you to know that memorizing the Holy Qur’aan is not done for the sake of any worldly reward. It is for bringing the Muslim closer to Allah Almighty and guiding him or her towards a successful life. Therefore, it is also important that we know what we are reading or memorizing. Simply uttering the words of the Quran is not considered learning as it is only a part of the process. In the Qur’an memorization course, we make an effort to also teach the message of the Holy Book while the student continues with memory practices.

Naturally, there is no test or examination involved in this course of study. We struggle to teach while our students learn gradually and as they progress, we validate it through quiz sessions and practice rounds. However, once the student has completed the course, our expert teachers do take their time to evaluate what level of knowledge the student has gained over the entire duration.

In regards to memorization steps and tips, our tutors are going to help you grasp the easiest and highly beneficial way of putting the complete Quran to your memory. Also, you will be amazed to see how well it stays engraved on your mind even after a lapse of time. This is because regular practice will develop self-assessment capabilities in you and as such, you will revise everything from time to time.

Please check our admissions page to see how the course registration is carried out. We welcome any queries, comments and suggestions at the contact details provided below.