Quran Reading With Tajweed Course


quranteachinglive.com is where you can easily and effectively learn the rules of tajweed for improving your recitation of the Glorious Quran. As you may know, tajweed refers to the concepts associated with reading the Qur’an. This set of rules is meant to teach Muslims how the Holy Book must be read. The method is regarded as similar to the one introduced by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). If you are eager to learn the exact method of reciting Koran, you have landed at the right spot!

There are so many Muslims who face difficulty while reciting the Quran. These cases usually occur with those who are new to Islam or have just started learning the basics of the Arabic language. Although reading with difficulty is a highly rewarding task, it does not mean we stay oblivious to our mistakes and put no effort in correcting them. To read despite hardship means to try and improve wherever possible while striving to learn more at the same time.

Errors during the recitation of the Holy Qur’an are regarded as undesirable and must be corrected at the earliest. It is therefore a general requirement that every Muslim learns the accurate method of recitation so as to avoid these mistakes.

During the period in which the Qur’an was revealed, there was a specific manner for reciting the verses. The rules for reciting were very clear and all the Muslims followed the method of recitation as set by the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However, with the passage of time, Arabs and non-Arabs began to cross cultures and live amongst each other. This led to different accents being incorporated into the Arabic language. Consequently, the original form of Arabic was altered and a new, mixed version became prominent. This is exactly why the rules of Tajweed were introduced. They were meant to safeguard the originality of the Holy Quraan. Without such guidelines, both the pronunciation and meaning would be changed and this is unacceptable.

Through the Qur’an Reading with Tajweed course, you will be introduced to the absolute principles that make up the entire study of Tajweed. From articulation points of letters to the various techniques of pronouncing them, everything you need to know will be at your fingertips in no time. Learningquranlive.com has been established only for your benefit and learning. It is here that excellent readers of the Quraan are taught and trained to perfection.

Mentioned below are some of the concepts of Tajweed that we will be covering in this course:

  • Attributes of letters
  • Articulation points
  • Rules of stopping
  • Rules of pause
  • Rules of elongation or lengthening
  • Rules of the saakinah letters

We believe that teaching and learning are mutual processes. The only way for you to learn well is if you are taught well. Our tutors take special responsibility of their respective students in order to provide them with quality Islamic education. For availing the opportunity to learn quran reading with Tajweed, join our online academy for regular classes. We guarantee successful results for you and your entire family.