Quran Tafseer Course


Muslims have been gifted with the Holy Qur’an as a source of enlightenment and guidance for a lifetime. Whatever good we do, there is absolutely no way to thank Allah enough for this blessing. He revealed His Glorious Quran to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and this resulted in all Muslims being set on the right path.

Every verse of the Koran has a deep rooted meaning and requires our utmost attention for its understanding. The reason is that Allah sent His messages over a course of time and each verse was intended for a specific purpose. Although the Qur’aan also contains stories of the Prophets and their followers, we can pick out single Ayahs that serve an individual purpose for the awareness of the believers.

Of course, as this is an authentic revelation that has remained intact for centuries since its origination, it has a very complex language structure. Today’s Arabic language is much different from that used in the Holy Quraan. It is in fact a modified version of the old, pure Arabic. That is why it’s study and comprehension is an entire course of the Doctorate level. Allah has sent down this blessing for all of mankind and everyone can learn from it. We merely require the assistance of professional scholars and recitation tutors to learn the implementation of methods used for reading this immaculate Book.

As far as reading is concerned, most of you may be familiar with or even very good at it. The actual hard work lies in learning the tafseer of the Koran. Tafseer refers to the intricate and elaborate explanation of the Holy text.

Fortunately, for those who seek to bear the torch of the Qur’an’s tafseer, we have what you’re looking for! Quranteachinglive.com strives to bring quality Islamic education at your doorstep. Yes, that’s right. You do not have to leave the sanctity of your home in order to learn.

Included in our most prospective courses, is the Quran Tafseer course. It is a potential collection of topics that emphasize on the unique methods for identifying the obvious and hidden meanings contained within each verse of the Koran.

Our objective with the Quran Tafseer course is to cover all topics that are mentioned in the Book itself. Indeed, the task seems very composite and time-consuming. However, with our complete devotion and help, you will notice how quickly your concepts are cleared. We assure that you will feel a remarkable difference in our teaching methods and those of other institutes or online academies.

We are known for implementing only the best strategies and referring to the most authentic sources of Hadith in order to better explain to our students. Teaching itself is a two-way process. We firmly believe that a student can learn with excellence when he or she is also taught with excellence. Once you become a part of our online community, you will be amazed to see the untapped potential come forth from within you as you learn.

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